Gotta love that factory packaging

IMG_4174Yes, one day I’ll get back to this blog ( Curses to you FB ! ) or learn how to use it more effectively, like maybe I am today. Maybe.  ( and this post is really about how best to deflate your air mat, not stuff it, but hey . . . ) 

So how many times have you bought something only to not be able to get it back into its intended or provided stuff sack or whatever? Me, pretty much every single item I’ve bought; tent, quilt, jackets, none of it has ever made it back into the provided sack and I have an old stuff sack, just devoted to old, or never used, stuff sack . . .

I don’t spend a lot of time with stuff sacks or folding anyway and the only thing I’ve ever managed or bothered to stuff back into its tiny stuff sack was/is a Sea to Summit Nano Pyramid Net, which I might add, cost too much money and once I opened it up, I felt mislead and spent more time fighting it than I did the few mosquito’s, just trying to stay away from my flailing arms.

I only succeeded in putting it back into it’s very small stuff sack because I feared for the life of the netting, should I ever bother to use it again.

Anyway, on to bigger things and the rambling topic of this post, my lovely EXPED Synmat UL 7 LW

I’ve been a “why risk it” fan of bulky closed cell foam pads forever, but finally decided to tip-toe into or onto the world of inflatable, expensive and dare I say, stressful, air-mats.

I called in a favor from my credit card and spent another hundred-plus dollars on the mat and then—what has so far been an absolute waste of money, I bought the  EXPED schnozzle bag thing, for another forty or so bucks; if there’s no wind you aren’t getting anywhere with this expensive stuff sack.

Always test your gear! I don’t know if there was already a hole in it, but on my latest little Sierra adventure I didn’t bother to test the Exped and first night out, It went flat on me and in the following days I didn’t even think to try to repair it, as it would have been an easy fix, with such a large hole.  Amazingly, I was so whipped each night that I was able to blow it up, fall comfortably asleep for a while and then, wake up, mattress pretty much fully deflated. I got by.

. . . and once I’d had my morning coffee and finished cursing out the air mattress I already had it figured that it would go into a much larger stuff sack and eventually compress, deflate while in the pack, but how first to get that initial deflation?

Yes, all this way so that I can explain my solution to deflating your air mattress–I used a trekking pole to help roll the air out—just wrap, roll, repeat, then of course unroll and stuff into your pack or sack . . .  So far it’s worked much better and been much safer for the mattress than keeping it on the ground, rolling it, or folding it. Rolling it up on the trekking pole keeps it neat and helps to get more out, so far, so good.




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