August 9th, monday . . . day 9

Almost moving too fast. I came out here to be slow, to reflect, to write small and take up pages with my deep reflections. 

Matt and I followed, led, and waited around for John & Dave, all day yesterday, as we walked up the high side of the Cascade Valley. 

Today, we will go just to the base of Silver Pass. 

We left Duck lake trail junction there at 10:30 and we are now at Purple Lake. 12 p.m., which seems to be an entirely different place than it was during my first trip. 

Obviously, the mad man, “Skot” is not around, but also the weather is much nicer. 

It was overcast and spooky––full of bugs, when we came through, but today it just seems to be full of horses and saddle-bag tourists . . . my pack feels lighter and the sun just feels too good to write anything more. 

1:40 p.m. Virginia Lake. 

5:15 p.m. Down into Tully Hole at the bridge and heading up to Squaw Lake. SMELLS! flowers, dirt . . . sounds . . . hail on the water, birds . . . 

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