August 6 & 7th . . . Saw heaven . . .

6:30 a.m. . . . I slept, but not much. instead I was up all night––first the wind, then the rain, then the thunder and lightning––which was just right here and now I wake up to find snow all around me. 

Intense night, bad dreams . . . okay, getting up to get water, put on rain fly and get back in here. 

I’m hoping that I am not the one excuse that the lightning needs, to come back.


but aaaaahhhh . . . the drama. I might as well keep writing so that my last words strike the page before the lightning strikes me. I’m sort of afraid to go outside, although I see hints of blue sky off to the east.

“Saw heaven

Experienced hell

moving on”

me ––


I’ve experienced a few wild nights in the Sierra, but nothing has ever come close to that very long day and night. I was pretty much in the tent for 24 hours and while the day light hours were full of cracks and booms, nothing beat out that big night––I just thought, Well, this is it, I either go to sleep and wake up, or I don’t. 

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so scared and confined as though I was in a room with my two worst friends, Mr. Lightning and Mr. Thunder . . . 

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