August 3rd, day three and . . . lo and behold . . .

If anyone is really paying attention, it seems that I combined days one and two in my last post, so now we are on to day three . . . oh, and I did catch up to Jen & Julie.

Spent the night with Jen, Julie, Marc and a couple whose names I’ve forgotten. Made a nice fire, compliments of Marc, whho seems to have everything in his pack––a saw and hatchet––so he cut and hacked, like mad––eager to use his tools. 

The girls did a magic job of starting the fire and that was our night. 

Right now I am debating whether to follow them to the base of Donahue. I really need to let them go though, if I am going to spend any quality time up here. I do have some books to read, y’know. 

There’s still so much anxiety within me to bond, to keep up, to go fast––I really need to slow down. 

5:50 p.m. just getting into the long trek up Lyell Canyon––Jen & Julie have me by about half and hour and I think tomorrow, after Donahue Pass, I’m cuttting loose from them––but for tonight it’s time to haul ass up there (into Lyell) and deal with the bears!!!

We had burgers, beers and showers at TM . . . felt good. 


So I did catch up to them––wish I’d taken a picture of them with my camera that had no film in it. 

I think we took a bus up to the lodge in TM, which is where we took the showers, but I think they no longer offer them. 

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