July 16th . . . what was on that missing page?

11 a.m.

Arrived here at the Kings River junction at 10:30 and spent half an hour talking to a backpacker, who told me that Tyndall Creek is probably the last crossing of any difficulty and that’s all the way on map (the Harrison’s) one!

So I’ll get soaked there, head up to Guitar and then, Bingo––whitney the next day!

But for now I’ve got to deal with the 10.2 miles up to Mather Pass. 

Actually, it should only be about an eight mile day, assuming we stay at Palisade Lakes.  I’ve already done a mile or two, so I’ll be happy.

Saw a frog last night, instead of just hearing them.

Had some deer grazing in my camp this morning and saw my first snake (on the JMT) which I might have stepped on, had it not moved––a small garter snake.

Just letting the gear air out for another half hour and then I am off to Palisade Lakes.

Out @ 12:30

5:30 p.m.  . . . maybe I am 3/4 of the way to the lakes, but this is a view I don’t want to chance losing. The valley below is filled with everything wonderful––smells of a million flowers and bushes, yummy onions and I’ve seen maybe ten deer, three frogs and fish, fish, fish.

. . . and now I am meandering my way up a series of small switch-backs––let’s say I have two hours to go.

8:30 p.m. made it up here at about 7:35, so my time was pretty good and of course it’s absolutely amazing up here, like a japanese garden.

I am carrying on a conversation with Manny and trying to write.

Scott is his usual, doped up self––meaning you can’t say anything without his finding some sort of fault––luckily, he plans on taking, a rest day, tomorrow, which means I will be getting the hell out of town.

I may go so far as to sleep on Pinchot Pass––but I am sure as hell, gonna get out of here.

I got Manny’s address, so I am good to go (I left my broken camera in his car at VVR)


“Good morning”


“It was morning when the sun came up”


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