July 14th . . . Kingdom of the Clouds

At the moment I am in McClure Meadow and working my way up, towards Muir Pass, which is probably another nine lovely miles. 

I let Scott and Manny leave before me––Scott becoming somewhat of a drag. For one, we do not share the same hiking style. He likes to get up early and slam everything in his bag, while I like to wait until the sun at least hits me, so I can dry out my gear. 

I think from now on I will just meet them in the evening and let them leave early in the morning. No rush for me, thank you. 

There are gorgeous white clouds floating overhead, but nothing to make me think it is going to rain––so I am sitting here in my underwear, being bathed in warmth and shadows as the clouds pass by. 

6:15 p.m. . . . later that night. We are camped out above Evolution Valley, staring south-east as the sun sets on tomorrow’s destination––Muir Pass. 

Again, I seem to be debating the merits of present company. 

The clouds are thick, white and grey, beautiful. I can’t tell for the rage of the river below us, if there’s thunder coming––but I plan on sleeping under just the tent tarp tonight––to hell with the bugs and marmots and damn the rain!

I feel like doing a “Manny” right now and just going to bed. 

8 p.m. . . . I don’t think I have ever been in such awe of clouds––they are everywhere and changing constantly. 

I am in their kingdom. It’s here that they gather, all kinds, and then they are sent out to do their work. 

I could take a different picture just about every three minutes. I hope to sleep peacefully (except for the marmots) under the clouds. 


“For one,” he was just becoming a real pain in the ass and I think I was getting stronger if not certainly more immune to him, which I think pissed him off even more. I wasn’t one of his high school math students––finally. I was maybe growing out of the relationship. Ha. 

Evolution has always been an amazing theater of the sky and peaks. 

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