July 13th . . . and no good trees to be had . . . Marie Lake

Woke up to the justified ( sort of) ranting of Scott––he was so pissed that we had all hung our food from the same branch––which was just about the only one in town––it wasn’t worth reminding him that all the trees were about the same height and easily accessible by even a child. 

He took of without me––but of course he took his good buddy, Manny, and no doubt gave him the tongue a good distance from me. 

I stood around, watching the two of them wander up towards Selden and then I got lost in my own thoughts. 

I wondered what to do––I thought about just staying and letting them lose me. I could start all over again and make this the solo trip it was supposed to be. 

But I’ve grown used to Scott. I like him. There’s a comfort to having someone out here in the wilds. 

I suppose this translates to the other world––I need someone like Carole, out there in the wild. 

So I put everything away, half-wet and took off in pursuit of Scott and Manny. 

I was moving. iI think anger fueled me more than the power bar. 

I finally caught up to them. They were surprised, but welcomed me back to the pack. 


That last line . . . “they were surprised” . . . maybe they were more than surprised––maybe they were thinking, what the hell is he bothering to tag along with us for? And why was I? 

Lonely, afraid, who knows . . . maybe I was actually comfortable with the abuse he was dishing out and it hurt me, but didn’t bother me enough to leave just yet. Don’t know. 

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