July 10th . . .

Catch up. Last night we just made it to the boat dock at Edison Lake. We got in and consumed lots of food and bear––beer

Silver Pass almost messed me up. I somehow dragged myself down a (another) bad cliff, hanging by rocks and weeds. 

I ended up having to chuck my pack a couple times and just let it go down the cliff. Of course this broke my Nikon. Ouch! 

Vermilion is a wonderful place. 


Memory does play tricks with us. For many JMT’s I would get duck Lake Junction and Purple Lake, mixed up . . . always thinking that the climb out of Duck Lake junction would get me up to Virginia lakes, but it never did. 

What was I thinking? 

I suppose I’ve had the same problem with both Donahue and Silver. I might have come down both of them, grabbing at rocks and bushes and tossing my pack, but I always remember it as being on Donahue that I had that scary adventure. Maybe it was on Silver that I tossed the pack and broke my cherished, old, Nikon F. 

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