Day Two . . .

Bear last night and of course the suburban folk seemed to totally over-react. 

Wild dreams about silicon breasts––the wilds are getting to me. 

Oh yes, Gio, accidentally dropped the bear box door on my shin. It was dark and he had little idea how close I was and there was nothing blocking it, like a rock or log.  Blood, swelling, ice-pack . . . seems okay now (but I was really worried for a few) 

heading for Sunrise camp . . . blue jays feasting on oatmeal, sunshine coming through the trees  and every now and then the thought hits me . . . 

What exactly am I doing this for . . . to say I did, probably . . . solitude certainly, it’s gorgeous out here, yes!!

So my pack ain’t feeling too good. I need to adjust the hip belts before they rub my skin off. 

Gio is probably in camp by now. 

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