Day one. Sunday, June 30th . . .

a.m. . . . pack is all packed and my boots are on!

I met up with “Gio” at the San Francisco Amtrak office and we’ve teamed up for a couple of days. I’ll be leaving him at Tuolomne Meadows.

The weather today is absolutely beautiful, which helps to ease my mind, in terms of snow and bad weather––melt that snow!

Little Yosemite Valley is a meager four miles from the valley floor, but it pretty much kicked my butt on this first day.

It might not have been so bad, except that for the realization that I have brought entirely too much food. Too heavy a camera (but I’ll get good pictures) and just everything––too heavy.

Perhaps at Tuolomne Meadows, I’ll unload some of my food.

So much for ten a day at this point––maybe later on, but today’s four, were punishment.

Hopefully I will get stronger as the days go by.

LIttle Yosemite Valley, is just as populated as the valley––relatively speaking––families have hiked in with Humongous tents and their children can be heard above the “rush” of the nearby, Merced.

They say there’s supposed to be a bear here, this evening––oh joy, a crying, screaming, child (stay in the valley!!)


I met “Gio” in the Amtrak office, while waiting for the bus. Funny enough we had both brought John Kabat–Zinn’s book, Wherever You Go There You Are. 

Time tells me that Gio probably got a little more out of it, than I did. I still do not know where I am.

I really didn’t do a lot of research before doing the JMT. I did spend a little over five hundred dollars to buy a really cool, really big, bottom-lessly big, Dana Designs Astral-plane bomber overkill, or some such title––and it could truly hold a kitchen sink and then some.

I did manage to send in a resupply to Vermilion Valley Resort, but otherwise, along with all my cotton clothing and mid-1970’s down jacket, I was carrying way too much food.

Getting on one of the Amtrak buses, the helpful driver, determined to store everything himself, gave my pack one tug and motioned for me to come on over and do it myself. I think I started at about seventy-five solid pounds.

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